All Racquet Sports/ AFP Academy  powered by adidas padel is the platform where training professionals perfect their knowledge and teaching methods. The methodology that was developed pushes professionals to complete specific Padel training techniques in the technical, tactical, bio-mechanical & physical areas of the sport.

By attending  our certification, you can expect a vigorous on-court teaching and learning experience including detailed teaching techniques, video review, written test, online access to videos & extensive padel resource manual plus much more that will improve your skills and raise you to the next level.

As Harry Gilbert, the former president of the USPTA said, “This course exceeded our expectations, providing a very comprehensive plan on teaching the fundamentals of the game as well as providing techniques for advanced players. The manual that was provided will be a valuable resource moving forward. ”


  • The Certification Program allows the participants to gain the knowledge and skills to:
  • Identify the movements of the parts of the body in all the shot phases.
  • Detect and correct students’ technical issues.
  • Identify the adequate routine and progression based on the students’ level.
  • Learn, teach and communicate the sport of padel.
  • Record and track students’ progress and successes.


  • Methodology to start students in padel and build their commitment and motivation.
  • Activities, games and exercises that provide a first contact with padel fundamentals.
  • Analysis of shots, movements and bio-mechanical performance.
  • Identifying common technical and bio-mechanical issues.
  •  Fundamentals in both Tactical — Physical areas.
  • Movement identification and structural adjustments.
  • Communication
  • Skills to teach and explain the training method.

On-site training & follow up

  • Program Presentation
  • Court Training
  • Materials Use
  • Video Assessments
  • On-line & Continuous E-Learning

All for Padel

Certification Includes

  • adipower ATTK racquet
  • adidas Backpack & Bag Tag
  • Certified padel instructor hat
  • AFP Academy Powered by adidas Padel Certificate
  • Personal profile on 
  • adidas Padel Ambassador Program Membership

$750 Value

About your AFP Academy Master Certified Trainer

Marcos is a former professional ATP and padel tour player. With years of tournament tough playing and coaching experience. He has over 20 years of experience in padel club management and holds a NBA Sales & Marketing and a Masters Degree in Sports Organizations Events. Marcos has experience in sports marketing and brands management. His enthusiasm, skill and knowledge of the sport will push you to learn and have fun teaching padel.


Certification Program

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