01 Mesh Folded

Exclusive system of folded vertical 3.00×2.00 square mesh that helps prevent injuries to players. The folded mesh guarantees the continuity of play.

02 Fastening Lugs Glass

Fastening lugs glass finished in a semicircle. The glass is separated by adhesive ethylene-propylene-diene[EPDM] rubber strips with trims on screws. 


Exclusive adidas asymmetrical LED spotlights with aluminum body, flat glass diffuser security, high-performance reflectors and estimated duration of 130,000 hours.

04 Curved Lighting Pillars

Curved lighting pillars prevent the ball from hitting the fixtures during play.

Adidas Panoramic Padel Court

05 World Padel Tour Exit

Official world padel tour exit with 2.20 meter height clearance. Wheelchair accessible. 

06 adidas PILLARS NET

Special net pillar with enclosed tensioning system and embossed logos on safety door plates.

07 Padel Net

Professional padel net consists of 45 mm mesh made from high tenacity polypropylene, and a 10 cm canvas upper with adidas logo.

11 Certificate of Authenticity

Certificate of authenticity with serial number for quality control and traceability.

10 Corner Pillars

Adidas logo and stripes embossed on corner pillars.

10 Artificial Turf

State of the art artificial turf for padel play includes 10 mm polyethylene MONDOTURF STX SUPERCOURT or 12 mm polyethylene MONDOTURF STX 90.  

08 Glass

10 or 12 mm silicate safety glass thermally strengthened. Glass includes countersunk holes for easy assembly and adidas logos.

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