Why Padel?

Increases your club membership and retention:

Differentiates your club from other clubs by providing the new up and coming racquet sport that has proven to increase club profits around the world.

Playability & Fun:

Padel is easy to learn and hard to master. Social, fun, competitive and addictive are words used to describe the sport. Padel has the same rules as tennis, so people know how to play and once they start to play, they keep playing!

Growing Worldwide Participation:

Padel is a $600 million industry and the sport is still growing! Currently there are 12+ million players, 30,000 courts, 37 International Federations, a World Padel Tour and the sport is coming to the US.

Great Target Market:

Padel attracts the lucrative 25-55 year old players with almost 50% female participation.

Increases your Revenue:

By bringing current members through your doors one more day per week, you will increase retail, food & beverage, lessons and league income opportunities.

Variety Sells:

Padel offers you the opportunity to diversify your activities and expand your business. 

Improves ROI:

4 players on the court, up to 3 courts per tennis court increases your ROI by a factor of 12, plus increases the utilization of your club’s real estate.

Expands your market base:

New membership potential increases dramatically. Padel offers a new business model by targeting those non-member players that have never played a racquet sport before and want to play.

More Activity:

More customers, more players, more excitement, more sales.

Join the movement:

Around the world, padel is the fastest growing racquet sport and is creating excitement and growth within the sports industry by increasing participation and revenue.